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An amount of budget expenditures exceeding budget revenues
Funds, deposited or transferred to current, savings (deposit) or other account on bank’s balance, stipulating the repayment or transfer to other account by the requirements of client (depositor) with or without payment of interest or commission awards under the provisions of appropriate contract
Authorised bank which receives proceeds from the sale of mortgaged property and distributes them among the mortgagees
Part of the earth crust located below the earth surface or soil layer, below the sea bed and up to depths accessible for investigation and development, which consists of rocks, mineral raw material, power resources (oil, gas, etc.), natural and artificial cavities, geological and technically induced formations
Activity aimed to discovery and assessment of accumulations or underground reserves of power materials by means of drilling
Person, with limited functions, who is need of social assistance and protection due to congenital or injury/illness caused physical or mental deficiencies
Settlements located in a mountainous area, or which are in more than 1 hour drive by public transport from the closest election precinct, due to natural circumstances
Is an alienation of securities from the initial owners by the emitter by means of conclusion of property and legal transactions
Treatment of crude oil and oil products, gas, electric and thermal power and their distribution among the customers
Physical person or legal entity placing (distributing) advertisements by way of using or letting for use property, including mass media and other means