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321—330 of 444
Total property belonging to debtor or given to him in possession at the moment of institution of proceedings on bankruptcy and total property purchased by the administrator of the property and (or) provisional administrator of the property, and also total property purchased by the debtor from the moment when proceedings on bankruptcy were initiated to its end (except, where in case of individual debtor, there is such property which cannot be enforced against in accordance with existing legislation)
Combination of turnover and long-term assets of the enterprise
The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan, all subordinated prosecutors; deputies, senior assistants, assistants of prosecutors; heads of departments and divisions, deputies of heads of departments and divisions, senior prosecutors and prosecutors of departments and divisions and prosecutors-experts in criminalistics
Activity carried out with the purpose similar to development by way of preliminary magnetometry, gravimetry, seismic survey, geochemical investigations, thermal and radioactive prospecting, testing and drilling
Official appointed in case of insolvency of the debtor as specified in Chapter VI of this Law
Document made by the lottery organizer, containing information on organization and implementation of the lottery
Are credit organisations, insurance companies, investment funds, non-state (private) social funds, legal entities with securities traded on the stock exchange, and commercial organisations that on the date to which the financial statements are prepared, exceed two of the thresholds (for annual revenue, average number of employees during the financial year and total balance sheet) in an amount determined by the relevant executive authority
Official bringing to attention of population or announcing the election-related (referendum-related) decisions of election commissions and other state bodies participating in conduct of elections (referendum), through posting them on notice boards, and by means of press, TV and Radio broadcasting and by other methods, allowing everyone to get familiar with these decisions
Establishment of cost and quantitative limitations on commodities imported or exported to certain countries or group of countries
Export of goods that are considered re-export goods in accordance with customs legislation by the person importing said goods, provided that such goods are in the same condition as were when imported