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Restoration of sites used in power industry for the benefit of community and their improvement to protect the environment
Energy sources permanently available or ceaselessly created in the environment (sun, wind, land’s heat currents, biomass, sea, water currents, etc.)
Results of counting of votes, determined by the district election commission during elections of deputies to Milli Majlis of the Azerbaijan Republic and elections to the municipalities
Determining of the candidate elected during elections as deputy of Milli Majlis, president, member of municipality, definition of the matter, passed (rejected) in referendum
Results of counting of votes in the divisional election commission during elections (referendum); results of counting of votes in the district election commission during referendum and elections of the President
Method of reorganisation of the debtor by way of financial assistance from its owner, creditors, work collective or other persons in order to prevent its liquidation
Person, rights of which for intellectual property objects are protected according to the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic
Payments for use of copyrights or rights on the use of works of literature, art and science; software and films, and other non-tangible assets, any information of patenting, trade marks, design or model, plan, secret formula or process, industrial, commercial and scientific expertise, use of industrial, commercial or scientific equipment or transfer of rights to use such products
Are rules, which define the format of source documents and accounting registers for those subjects of accounting required under this law to prepare their financial statements in conformity with National Accounting Standards
Way of reorganisation of the enterprise-debtor by means of financial assistance rendered by its owner, creditors, other legal entities and physical persons in order to prevent its liquidation