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Company, which has one or more subsidiary banks with banking license, activities of which are controlled by the bank regulation authorities of the country of headquarter residence
Special permit issued in accordance with procedures established under this Law, providing exclusive rights for implementation of activities, related to attraction of deposits from natural persons or legal entities or other reimbursable funds, award of credits on its behalf at own expense, as well as provision of payment, cash-desk and wire transfer operations by client request
Debtors absolute inability to pay debts acknowledged by court
Are securities, transfer of right and realization of right on which does not require identification of their owner
Block created by two or more political parties for joint participation in elections, having the same rights as political parties during the elections
Is an issuing security,, confirming the right of its owner to get par value of the bond from the emitter within the period, specified in the bond, and fixed interest from this value or another proprietor equivalent (unless it contradicts legislation)
Credit indebtedness of the debtor including indebtedness to banks, insurance indebtedness and budget indebtedness
Structure defined as such under the Civil Code of the Azerbaijan Republic
A main financial document for accumulation and utilization of cash funds to fulfill the functions of the state and municipalities through the relevant authorities and self-government bodies
Grouping of revenues, expenditures and financial sources of state budget, the budget of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, local budget and state extra-budgetary funds based on the functional, economic, organizational and other principles