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Is the activity on the establishment of norms, regulations & characteristics of production
The price of the property calculated applying the rule envisaged in the legislation and offered at the auction
Collection of data of national state hydrometeorology network, international and airspace meteorological networks on meteorology, aviation meteorology, agricultural meteorology, hydrology, oceanography, climatology and environmental monitoring
Total outstanding financial liabilities under contracts that are signed between relevant executive authorities on behalf of the Azerbaijan Republic and foreign and domestic legal entities and individuals (non-residents), as well as international public and financial institutions
Funds of state budget of the Republic of Azerbaijan, loans, grants, foreign aid received under international agreement and contracts entered into by the state, means of out-of-budget funds of organizations funded from budget and other means related by legislation to state funds
Securities providing a foreign investor with the right to use state privatization cheques and issued in indispensable form
A disposable bearers securities consisting of four privatization cheques, disseminated to all citizens of Azerbaijan Republic registered in the country by 1 January 1997 free of charge and representing in average 1/8,000,000 portion state-owned property to be privatized
Approval of competence of parties desiring to obtain the status of legal entity of structures on the territory of the Azerbaijan, as well as representation and branched founded on the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic by foreign legal entities, establishment of their legal status and inclusion their records into the single state registry of legal entities
Uniform collection of information (records) on registered on the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic of legal entities, representations and branches of foreign legal entities, as well as representations and branches, as well as other structures of legal entities, undergone the state registry on the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic
Is a single centralized all-republican system