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Local or foreign investor who brings in new technology and know-how for the enterprise, directly participated in operating and managing the enterprise and has substantial management and manufacturing experience in the field
A voluntarily, temporary refusal of employees to perform their work in whole or in part in order to resolve their collective labor disputes
Person or group of persons, applied in accordance with legislation to the relevant executive authority of the Azerbaijan Republic for state registry and introduction to the state registry as a legal entity
State-owned property of Azerbaijan Republic on and out of the territory of Azerbaijan Republic, the states share in the statuary funds of joint ventures, stocks owned by the state, land plot under a privatized entity, with exception of state-owned property prohibited for privatization
Official relationship between a manager and a subordinate, including directive authorities of the first on the latter, i.e. the first should have the right to employ, dismiss the latter within his official authorities, give obligatory orders, instructions and directions, reward and impose on him disciplinary punishments
Bank, more than fifty percent of voting shares in the charter capital of which is owned by the founder bank or bank holding founder company, or such bank, in which in accordance with agreement, by and between itself and founder bank or bank holding founder company, the founder bank or bank holding founder company are provided with authority to influence significantly the decision taking process
Gratis resources provided from the state budget to the budget of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, local budgets and legal entities
Resources provided from the state budget to the budgets of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and local budgets for financing special purpose events, which are to be retrieved if not spent for these purposes or within determined period of time
To elect deputies of the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, members to municipalities and the right to be elected to the same bodies and as a President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as the right to participate in nomination of candidates, pre-election (pre-referendum) campaign, in work of election (referendum) commissions, in observation of elections (referenda) (including determination of election (referendum) results), in voting, and in carrying out of other election (referendum) actions
Average market price of goods (works and services) set by procurement agency prior to announcement of tender in accordance with current regulations