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301—310 of 444
Activity of citizens and political parties calling or having the purpose to call upon to voters to participate in the election, to vote (not to vote) for one or another candidate
Activity of referendum campaign groups and citizens calling or having the purpose to call upon to the citizens which have the right to participate at referendum, to participate at the referendum and to support or not to support the issues to be discussed in the referendum
Benefit set by procurement agency in collection of basic tender conditions for local consignors (contractors)
The system of medical, environmental, hygienic, safety, sport and other measures directed against circumstances that cause and result in complication of disability
The written confirmation of economic operations and sanctions of the manager (owner) for implementation
List of potential tenderers capable to carry out specific jobs (services) under the tender in most efficient way
An agreement on sale-purchase concluded between seller and buyer of the state-owned property
Transfer of the state-owned property to ownership of buyers in accordance with rules established by this law
Combination (value) of monetary means, other property (items) and services (works), drawn in the lottery, delivery (payment) of which is stipulated in the from of winnings as per provisions of the lottery
The persons who undergo probation term at the Prosecutors Office bodies for the first time