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Complex of facilities located in a specific water area and designated for servicing of ships and passengers for commercial shipping, transportation of cargoes and carrying out of operations and other services provided at the sea ports
Additional obligation to secure submitted proposal undertaken by the tenderer with respect to organisation carrying out the te
Creditor who is holder of pledges
The budget expenditures that are not subject for the reduction and in accordance with the legislation are subject for financing
Pecuniary obligations secured by the mortgage
Payment documents in manats (cheques, promissory notes, letters of credit etc.), stock exchange securities (shares, bonds) and other promissory notes
Is a document, confirming property and non-property rights of their owner and possibility to transfer mentioned rights with observance of established form and obligatory requisites
Concession of the right of ownership on goods to other person; including, but not limited to, sell of goods, their exchange, donation, payment in kind for labour and other in kind payments, as well as the transfer of right of ownership on mortgages to the lender or other person
Citizen of the Azerbaijan Republic, as well as foreign citizen and person without citizenship who reached the age of 70 years
Cut-off reduction of the state budget, the budget of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and local budgets in case of non-execution of revenues except for secured items according to the identification of other expenditures for the rest of the budget year