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Activity that does not involve provision of any commodities and has financial value
Any other subject of procurement except goods and works
Is an issuing security, confirming the right of its owner(shareholder) to part of the joints stock society profit in the form of the dividend, as well as participation in the management of joint stock society and right to the part of property, remained after its liquidation
Means, contributed by a cooperative member into the share fund. The share fee can be contributed as an obligatory and auxiliary share for cooperative members with voting right and as a share for cooperative members without voting right
Self-propelled or non-self-propelled floating structure used for commercial shipping purposes
Gross capacity of the ship defined in accordance with International treaties on measuring of the ships
A person, operating the ship on its own behalf, irrespective of the fact whether he is a ship owner or use it on other legal basis
Lists with voters signatures directed to support either one or another candidate during election, or about membership in a referendum campaign group for the purpose of participating in pre-referendum campaign
Are special rules on the treatment of accounting for subjects of small entrepreneurship as defined by the relevant executive authority
Information of non-commercial character that reveals essence of measures taken in order to strengthen sovereignty and statehood of the Azerbaijan Republic, implemented reforms, is brought to people’ knowledge, raises responsibility with regard to sovereignty of the Azerbaijan Republic, national, defence patriotic feelings, assists in reconciliation of public attitude towards new economic relations, restores national traditions - business and charity, creates optimistic feelings, faith, patience in people; advertisements are ordered by state bodies, public institutions with the purpose of improvement of political, sanitary, ecological culture of people and may be presented using any advertising means