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Is form of security intended for compensation of lost right to work, profits and also extra expenses of physical persons envisaged by this Law, and for prevention of such losses
The system of economic, social and legal state guarantees that stipulate removal of limitations in vital functions of disabled persons and its compensation, provision to disabled persons of equal public rights with other citizens
The system of measures that stimulate the upgrade of living standards of disabled individuals, creation of conditions for engagement in public life at the same level with other citizens
Activities in social services targeted on coverage of needs of senior age citizens, comprised of the integration of care, organization of food supplies, medical, social, psychological, legal and other assistance in the social service entities, independent from the form of ownership and organization/legal status, and at home
Data on hydrometeorology and environmental pollution developed in accordance with needs of consumers
In-cash resources formed and to be utilized for conducting specific events from the state budget, the budget of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and local budgets
Form of lottery held to finance a project of the state importance, by the relevant executive authority
Provision of voluntary reimbursable monetary and material support or free services
Is regulating document, worked out as a result of co-operation between interested parties and confirmed by the corresponding competent organisations or bodies, which establish requirements to the quality and safety of products (works, services) intended for mass consumption
The term from the moment of obtain of raw materials, supplies, goods and other valuables, investment of capital to the moment of transforming the results into manufactured products (rendered services, implemented works) and their sale