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411—420 of 444
An amount of budget revenues exceeding budget expenditures
Complex of resources, as well as organisational, legal, economic, social and scientific measures directed on fire fighting
Compulsory payments, withdrawn of these payments shall be done by customs authorities of the Azerbaijan Republic
Any person who shall pay taxes from subjects of taxation determined in accordance with this Code
Wastes of mining, processing and other forms of productive activity accumulated in depths of the earth and containing mineral substances
Competition carried out among the bidders for implementation of some work or rendering services in most efficient way and at low cost with the objective to choose one (several) of them and authorise this person(s)/entity(ies) to implement specific job or render services
temporary team which prepares primary shortlist of candidates, compares, analyses and estimates proposals of tenderers and defines the winner
Legal entity which prepares, announces, carriers out tender procedure and certain obligations with respect to its results on behalf of the Azerbaijan Republic, or on its own behalf, or based on agreement, authorises some contractor to fulfil obligations under the tender (except obligations with respect to results of tender)»
Document or package of documents containing technical-economic characteristics of tender subject, and also terms of tender procedure, considered important by tender’ organiser
Guarantee for obligations on tender proposal taken by tenderer to procurement agency. Such guarantee may be bank guarantee, letter of credit, securities, cash, deposits and other financial assets