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431—440 of 444
Agreements between economic subjects being at different levels of production sequence or between economic subjects and their clients and suppliers of commodities
Failure to apply or incomplete application of fire safety requirements
A person, possessing suffrage
Lists of citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan living in the territory of the relevant election (referendum) precinct of an election (referendum) constituency having suffrage
A physical or juridical person, obtaining water from the user of water object to ensure his demands
A naturally formed landscape or a geological structure, within the borders of which in correspondence with the relief the surface and underground waters concentrate, and which have the size and specific features of the water regime
The volume of the surface and underground waters available in the water objects, which are being used or could be used
Systems and buildings, created in regard with the usage, restore and protection of water objects
Portion of prize fund falling on specific lottery ticket
The set of terms, the names of professions (positions), specialties, rates, systems, compensation, working hours, time off, occupational safety, state social insurance and other social, economic, and industrial requirements specified in employment contracts and collective contracts (agreements) and defined by regulations